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Shipping a vehicle of any kind around the world can be a daunting task, making sure you have the correct paperwork and knowing the pitfalls and processes is vital, this is where we can help.

Kleerfreight are able to organise both the physical shipping and or documentation to move your vehicle to and from virtually anywhere in the world. Be it buying a car from overseas to use in the UK, moving your home abroad or repatriating your belongings - we make it easy.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in this specialised field combined with our vast worldwide agent network means we are regularly recommended through family connections, enthusiast clubs, race teams and professional movers alike as we are able to ship any kind of vehicle from cars to van, motorcycles to lorries, caravans and motorhomes and earth moving equipment - if it has wheels we will ship it.

Vehicle Shipping From Overseas

worldwide vehicle shipping

If you would like assistance in shipping or importing your vehicle to the UK, please get in touch with us

to get things underway. We can provide a complete service door-to-door for you or just handle the UK

import, its completely up to you. Dont worry if you have already shipped your car and you have another agent in contact with you, you can still have us

handle the shipment for you with our specialist service. As we are experts in vehicle shipping you can be assured that we know what we are doing and how

to expertly handle your car in transport and Customs procedures in the UK.

Shipping Services

We are able to collect, pack and ship almost any kind of vehicle from virtually anywhere in the world using our professional packers, warehouses

and transporters, all equipped to accept and move your vehicle with minimum fuss. Cars, motorcycles, boats and the like can be containerised and

sealed meaning when the doors are closed at export you can be safe in the knowledge that its going to be how you left it when you open the doors again

on the other side of the world.

A cheaper alternative for cars and larger vehicles is ‘Ro-Ro Shipping’ which stands for Roll on – Roll off, similar to a car ferry but for commercial rather

than public use. Vehicles are loaded under deck, the same as a ferry however this is not as safe as containerisation, in some parts of the world it is the

only option and in other places it is to be avoided at all costs, ask one of our team for more information when you contact us and we will give you some

sound advice to consider before shipping your pride and joy. We can ship cars of any value and specification.

Customs Clearance Services

Our speciality, to find out the next steps visit our dedicated vehicle customs clearance page.

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