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Kleerfreight Ltd - Know More

We were founded in 1994. We are a specialist Customs Clearance agent first and foremost, known for being one of the most knowlegable of

HMRC's procedures for both import and export in the UK. Back in 1994 we started life as one man and a simple goal, provide specialist Customs services

for larger freight forwarders and importers. Andy Barnes founded us when he was 18 years old, serving the port of Sheerness and Thamesport as a

local Customs agency for both ro/ro traffic and containers from all over the world. As time went on one man turned into two, then three and within a few

years we had a large team of people in one office, handling thousands of Customs entries each month. Brother and sister Rob and Caroline came

onboard and since then we have run a successful family business which continuosly evolves with all the latest technology to deal with all things HMRC

for importers and exporters.

The turning point for us was technology. Back in the day each port required an agency office to be present and everything was done on type writers. In

the 1990's computing was advancing, the internet was well on its way and the dawn of email was upon us. Kleerfreight was one of the first agents

to recognise that with new software and computing entries instead of typing them, we could remain in one port yet serve the entire country via a series

of remote approvals. As a result we not only served Sheerness and Thamesport, but we expanded overnight to take on all the other major container

ports such as Felixstowe, Liverpool, Bristol, Tilbury, Southampton, Chatham and many smaller ports scattered around the UK. We still needed to present

the paperwork to the local offices so each night we despatched our own courier to these places to provide a swift easy overnight service to clear cargo in

all UK ports within just a few hours.

This meant that for our customers with cargo arriving at many UK ports, they could deal with just one person, regardless of where the cargo was

arriving. Along the way we gathered a large customer base in specialist areas such as perishables - fresh fruit and veg from all over the world and imports

of cars from Japan. We became specialists for cargo that required serious knowledge and skills to clear through customs quickly and correctly. These days

we still continue to do exactly the same, although our service has been replicated by others, our skill and knowledge has not. We still provide clearance

for import and export at all UK ports on a daily basis but instead of sending documents by dispatch rider, its all electronic, saving lots of time and money

for our customers.

Our customer base was reflected in this knowledge back then and still is. The majority of our customers are actually other freight agents, we form part of

a small jigsaw puzzle for large forwarders in providing a knowlegable service to them by handling the complex part - Customs. We represent a

healthy amount of importers and exporters directly and in 50% of cases we can save an importer money by using our skills and knowledge of HMRC's

tariff and rules by ensuring goods are declared correctly - more often than not when we check work carried out by others, its riddled with mistakes

or misdeclared through lack of knowledge and care. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer and goods and ensuring that we are nothing less

than perfect when making Customs declarations.

Each year we account for millions of pounds in import duty and taxes on behalf of large multi national importers through to small one man band importers

just getting started.

Over the years we have also diversified our business to incorporate shipping from all over the world, transport in the UK, warehousing, container

unpacking, household removals and so much more - all the topics related to the shipment of goods. We can provide one or all services to a customer and

with a network of wel proven partners in pretty much all corners of the world, we get up to some interesting things for our customers on occasion. Want

to move a power station 2000 miles by sea? Need that race car at a circuit in Russia next week or maybe the 30 tonnes of fresh Tuna that should be on

the supermarket shelf next week but its sat in Japan... or maybe you just dont have that much confidence in your current Customs agent that you are

paying only what you should to HMRC and need to ask someone...we've heard and done most of it but the challenge continues!

As a family firm our values and sense of a good job well done at a good price is our pride. Whether for a large or small customer, we can adapt to

projects, situations and problems as they arise with keen vigor to overcome and get the job done professionally.

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