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Moving Home To The UK

Help moving home, TOR, transfer of home

How do I ship my belongings from overseas? 

Probably the most popular question that lands in our inbox every day,  private individuals moving home, 

relocating for work, or just plain old returning to the UK to catch up on the rain, shipping what is your life

in cardboard boxes is a huge step and one for which you need the right partner.

Kleerfreight understand the importance and individuality attached to each of the removal shipments that

pass through our doors, be it help with customs clearing your belongings back into the UK or the

door to door services available both in and out of the UK you can rest assured  you are in the right hands.

The first steps to moving your belongings around is to ascertain what you can and can’t take or bring

with you, something which may seem like an everyday item such as a cordless telephone may cause

your shipment to be stopped, unpacked and held in customs whilst the contraband is removed which

not only causes stress but costs both time and money, we suggest asking as many questions as

possible before you pack everything into your brown box world.

There are many prohibited items if you are travelling back into the UK, you can find a list of them on the

Government website :

Most international removal companies will request a detailed inventory or packing list or what you plan to ship, again, before the collection is arranged it is good practice to send a copy for our inspection to make sure you are not going to end up with costly delays and fines.

We work closely with a number of the worlds leading removal companies and it is these links which enables us to provide competitive quotations, worldwide cover and local experience to get you moved safe and sound.

Once back in the UK, our electronic customs clearance links allow us to process personal belongings into most sea and air ports,  when it comes to processing household effects and vehicles through the minefield of customs red tape we are the professionals used by the professionals!

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrival into the UK, you can import tax free not only your furniture and personal  household  belongings

but also vehicles too, there are rules and regulations which need to be adhered to but we can advise the best course of action to make sure the import process is handled in a timely and professional manner.

So how easy is it to import my own personal effects - Transferring my residence?


You must apply to HMRC for approval to bring your belonging, pets, vehicles or vessels from overseas, this is in approval is requested by completing

the ToR01 form online, printing and posting to HMRC here in the UK. HMRC strongly recommend that you seek this approval before you start to move any personal property to the UK, they understand there may be many questions you can't answer at time of application but be truthful, give as much information

as possible and your approval should be forth coming very quickly.

The online form can be found here: Transfer of Residence Form

Please ensure before you use the online form that you read the guidance notes proved : Transfer of Residence - Guidance

You can feel safe in the knowledge that we have successfully handled thousands if not tens of thousands of personal effect customs clearances over the years, Kleerfreight is a name you can trust.

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