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Arranging Export Freight

Using our services you will be able to export pretty much any commodity to pretty much anywhere in the world be it by air, sea or road, our logistics network will have you covered.

Arranging the movement is simple and easy to do, by supplying the information listed below we will be able to reply to you within a few hours (time zones permitting) with a rate and a few options for you to choose from, click the contact us link below and provide the following:

  • Collection point in the UK complete with post code

  • Terms of sale (this will be the info provided to your buyer, i.e. FOB, EXW, C&F)

  • Commodity

  • Weight and dimensions

  • Urgency of the shipment (air, sea, courier etc)

  • Area, zip code and country where the goods are to ship to

Armed with this information we will have your quotation back in your inbox in a very short space of time.

Exporting from UK

So many questions, why do you need this information?

  • Collection point, this may not be an obvious one but it has a massive bearing on where we send the freight from, no point in booking from Liverpool if you are based in Devon.

  • Terms of sale, this allows us to quote accurately, depending on the terms of sale, your liability and responsibility for certain charges differ.

  • Commodity is very important as it allows us to make sure we handle the product in the correct matter, if you had foodstuffs we couldn't load them with chemicals and vice versa, this also helps us help you make the right routing decisions too

  • Weight and dimensions are very important, all freight prices are based either on the space you are taking up(dimensions) or the total weight of the goods, this has a dramatic effect of how the goods can be sent the most efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Urgency, how quick do you need them to arrive with the buyer, no point in sending goods over by air just to sit on a shelf or put an urgent consignment on a slow boat to China, time is money help us to save you both!

  • Area, zip and country information makes sure we are quoting to the right country, believe it or not there are places around the world with similar sounding names so having all three pieces of information is vital.

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