Customs Clearance

We can clear your cargo, not matter what it is through UK Customs.
Dealing with the complex official paperwork and calculating the taxes which may be due on your goods is our everyday business and our expertise in this field is unrivalled. If you are importing goods from overseas you will need to appoint a customs agent to handle your import and advise you accordingly.
That's where we come in.
What to do, how much to pay, what happens before, during and after clearance and continued support for future shipments is what we do on a daily basis and we would be delighted to help you make easy work of importing your goods, whether for private or commercial use.
We can categorise your goods into tariff numbers and check the correct import procedure for your goods to ensure you are 100% confident in the import of your goods and so is HMRC should they wish to make post-import checks on you or your company in terms of how you import your goods and products to make sure your are doing it correctly and paying what is due or in most cases we spot, what should not be paid.

As the import of goods from overseas continues to rise, especially with the ease to buy goods on the internet from suppliers around the world, many large shipping companies and couriers simply dont know the HMRC tariff as we do, are you sure that you are importing your goods corrrectly? Do you really need

to be paying the full rate of duty and VAT for your specific goods? If you already import and your customs clearance agents have never gone through the personal process of understanding your goods or in most cases, not even asking and assuming what they are, you may not be declaring them correctly - are you over paying your taxes and not even realising it?

This expertise is what you receive from us as standard. You pay us for a professional service and we give you one. A service built on a huge resource of experience and the most upto date information and awareness of the latest policies from HMRC which readily affect your imported goods.
If you import or export goods we would like to hear from you, whether a small business, a multi national or a private individual - we can assist with any circumstance you may wish to challenge us with.
Our specialist links can be found under the Customs Clearance tab in the menu bar, should you have anything which doesn't fit into these categories or want to know more then get in touch to get a conversation going.
Can we help you with:
Customs Clearance in Felixstowe - YES
Customs Clearance in Southampton - YES
Customs Clearance in London Gateway - YES
Customs Clearance in Tilbury - YES
Customs Clearance in Liverpool - YES
Customs Clearance in Dover - YES
Customs Clearance in Thamesport - YES
Customs Clearance in Grangemouth- YES
Customs Clearance in Teesport - YES
Customs Clearance in Immingham - YES
Customs Clearance in Bristol - YES
Our links and partnerships ensure we cover customs clearance not only at the major seaports but also at the Inlands clearance depots (ERTS) and majpr airports.
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