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Consultancy and support with Kleerfreight

We are available to provide various levels of assistance to your business from basic understanding of the processes involved and the paperwork associated with it right the way through to spotting potential improvements and helping to avoid potential pitfalls.

As a business owner or department manager it is important to understand how and why having the correct paperwork not only matters to you for having a successful business and profits but also from a compliance standpoint.

After an initial consultation and after gaining a basic understanding of your business and current procedures, we can advise on how to best proceed to get your operations in order.

We have services to cover most budgets so if you require help with a current HMRC problem, looking to tighten up on your existing operation or just need a helping hand, Kleerfreight can help.

Our current custom base ranges from sole trader, one man band businesses right the way through to huge corporations.

Get in touch today and let us relieve some of the stress

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