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We have a wide range of haulage services at our disposal based in most of the UK’s major ports, commitment to service, punctuality and knowledge of UK road haulage are our strong points in this field and we only use approved carriers.
Whether you have a 20’, 40’ or specialised container to deliver, we are a strong position to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss.

There are two options open to you, the first is that you use Kleerfreight to handle the delivery on your behalf via the shipping line for a small arrangement fee, the second is that you hand it over to us to find our own vehicle to move it (merchant haulage).
By using Kleerfreight for your merchant haulage you may be liable to a small charge from the shipping

line called Lo-Lo, this is payable to the shipping line directly and will not be including in our price.
To use our delivery service you will need to get your consignment released to our company for collection, this is usually done once the shipping line are in receipt of any monies due from you and the original bill

of lading being lodged, you must request this release to us, it is not an automatic procedure. Once we have this in place, we can take over and carry out the delivery.

Container Transport

container delivery truck

Container delivery FAQ's

  • Do I have to use the shipping line to deliver my container?

No, you are free to choose who delivers your cargo, you can use the shipping line haulage which is normally cheaper than other methods however you have limited availability and relatively poor service levels to contend with, you can if you own your own trucks, collect your own container and make your own delivery alternatively you can let Kleerfreight take all the hassle out of it and arrange everything.

  • Why do I need to have the container delivered, why can't I go and unpack it myself at the docks?

As you can imagine, the ports are very busy places with a multitude of hazards around every corner for those unfamiliar with the surroundings, the only alternative to delivery to your premises is to get the container unpacked at a depot nearby, we can provide this service if the straight forward container delivery is not an option for you for whatever reason.

  • How long do I get to load or unload my container?

The average time allowed in the UK to load or unload is 3 hours after which time the haulier applies a waiting charge which vary from £50 to £80 per hour or part there-of, always check with the shipping line if you think you may over run your free time and also to confirm what free time you have.

  • Does the driver unload the container for me?

Simple answer is no, you are responsible for loading and unloading the container, the driver is exactly that, the person who brings the container to your door.

  • Does the container go on the floor for me to unload?

No, unless you have specifically booked this specialist truck your container will arrive on the back of a normal container trailer so bear in mind that the doors will be over 4ft up in the air and you will need to get in the back to load/unload.

  • Can I get my container put on the floor to load / unload?

Yes, this is possible, we can arrange a vehicle with integral lifting equipment to drop the container on the floor, space is a consideration, you will need the space on site to have 2 trucks side by side as the crane will drop the container down next to the truck, this is normally ordered for unloading vehicles or trailer with boats etc although some customers do prefer to unload at ground level. Contact us for a quotation.

  • What is Lo-Lo?

Lo-Lo is Lift On / Lift Off, it is an additional charge levied by the shipping lines when you do not use their delivery services. Currently around £60.00.

Full & Part Loads

Pallet deliveries
We have tariffs for part load deliveries in the UK predominantly based on pallet sizes, be it an overnight, same day or economy service you require, we can help you choose the right service.
This type of pallet delivery service is becoming increasingly popular in the UK with more and more companies becoming a local arm for larger networks, this enables us to call on many different suppliers to find the right service and price for your job. Not only do we transport on a pallet basis but we also handle boxes, cartons and out of gauge shipments.


Full load transportation 

Our transport connections and partnerships cover everything from 7.5t vehicles through to heavy haulage and out of gauge equipment, if you have a full load to move regardless of the cargo we can help. Contact us for a quote.

Smaller shipments and LCL deliveries

For each port and airport we have a nominated haulier to handle these smaller deliveries.These hauliers are chosen for reliability, punctuality and cost.

Hazardous cargoes and textiles usually attract an extra surcharge, please ensure you advise us when booking your delivery of any special requirements you may have.

The most important thing to note is that you will have to get your consignment released to our order at the point of devanning, usually this is done by quoting

a three digit code which identifies our company at that location, without this release in place it is possible that you will incur extra charges by way of storage and wasted delivery charges so ensure that you are clear in your instructions, if in doubt, you should ask one of team at the time of booking.

You will not get release of cargo form the freight agent until all charges due are settled and the original bill of lading is lodged.

Individual spot quotations and tariffs are available on request, please contact our team for further information.

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