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DFDS Launch new Ferry Service into Sheerness - 09.07.21

DFDS announced their intentions to run a ferry service between Calais & Sheerness earlier in the 2021, the good news is that these intentions are now a reality.

Running once per day between France and the UK adding another trade route to their impressive line up of short sea crossings.

Kleerfreight are based in Sheerness and have handled customs clearances at the port for many years, we know the dockyard, we know the people and we know how to get the job done.

If you are seeking a partner for this exciting new venture please get in touch with us today.


You can download the sailing schedule by clicking the image from the DFDS website below.


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Since the 1980's our staff have handled Customs clearance in almost every form.

The new Brexit Customs situation may appear daunting for some but for us, its very simple as this is our job and we have been prepared for it two years prior to it coming into force.

If you are moving goods by truck or van via ferry ports and you need Customs clearance at Dover or any ferry port in the UK. We can help with Customs clearance no matter where or what.

We are absolute experts and can help, whether you have a one off shipment or hundreds and are listed on the HMRC comprehensive list 'customs agents and fast parcel operators'.

Our services are used not only by importers but also by other Customs Clearance agents and Customs Brokers who claim to be linked to all locations and handle everything for you.


If you require Customs clearance at ferry ports, please contact us and we'll be happy to help provide you with our Customs paperwork service for your goods travelling to and from Europe.

We are a small family company with humans you can speak to, please get in touch.


Our links enable us to provide the following cover:


Customs Clearance in Sheerness / Customs Clearance in Felixstowe / Customs clearance in Tilbury

Customs Clearance in Purfleet / Customs Clearance in London / Customs Clearance in Dartford

Customs Clearance in Rochester / Customs Clearance in Dover / Customs clearance at Channel Tunnel

Custom Clearance in Newhaven / Customs Clearance in Southampton

Customs Clearance in Portsmouth / Customs Clearance in Bristol / Customs Clearance in Pembroke

Custom Clearance in Liverpool / Customs Clearance in Grangemouth 

Customs Clearance in Immingham / Customs Clearance in Killingholme 

Customs Clearance in Teesport / Customs Clearance in Ipswich / Customs Clearance in Harwich

Customs Clearance in Hull

We can cover both inventory and non-inventory clearances - not sure what that means then get in touch to be sure and make certain you do the job once and correctly.

Most popular questions we receive :

I only have one or two loads a year, do I still need a clearance agent? 

Yes. both Import & Export clearances are still required even if you just have one shipment per year.


Do I need paperwork to send and receive goods to and from the EU?

Yes. There is now a trade agreement in place however you still need Customs paperwork to account for your goods. We prepare this paperwork for you.

Can I do the Customs paperwork myself, do I need an agent?

HMRC say that you can do the paperwork yourself however the reality is, you can't. You need an agent to handle the paperwork and the complex areas of the documentation. Our advice is to read-up on what ou may need for your goods but dont waste your time trying to do it yourself, just get in touch and we'll help.

Are you able to handle Customs clearance at any port in the UK?

Yes. No matter the port, whether by van, or truck, part load or full load, we can help. Please contact us.


Where should I be looking for more information?  

The government website is very useful at a glance but expert information from us will help you enormously. Please contact us.

Can you help with PEACH & IPAFFS?  

Yes. Please get in touch if you have specific complex goods, restricted or perishables etc. We can take care of all formalities.