Brexit - Latest Information

Our staff have been involved with customs clearance since the late 1980's and have had experience of the times when everything required HMRC intervention and clearance, our knowledge can help you and your business get ahead of your competitors.


Our customers are kept up to date with the latest information available along with help, guidance, even one to one basic training of staff on the import and export processes currently in place, these one to one sessions are designed to leave you with the basic knowledge required to prepare shipping and customs paperwork.

Most popular questions we receive :

I only have one or two loads a year, do I still need a clearance agent? 

Answer Yes both Import & Export clearances are still required even if you just have one shipment per year.


Does the 'Deal Brexit' mean that I do not have to complete customs formalities?

Answer No - The 'Deal' changed the requirement for duties and quotas that would have become applicable on all EU goods & GB goods into the EU - There is now a trade agreement in place.

Can I use Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA) to account for my import VAT?

 Answer Yes - If you are a VAT registered business the use of PVA is acceptable, you do not need to be authorised to use it however if you have a bad history with HMRC they may refuse its use. Non VAT registered persons must account for VAT at the time of importation via and Agent or direct to HMRC.

I am looking for a Customs Agent, can you help?

Answer Yes, we have limited capacity to handle new work due to our expertise in the field, existing customers and referals have seen us reaching max capacity very quickly, get in touch asap.


Where should I be looking for more information? is THE place to visit with your questions and to check eligibility on your goods. 

Can you help with PEACH & IPAFFS?  

Answer Yes - please get in touch

More information on how the new systems work can be found in the document below .

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