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Customs Information
Investment in the latest technology allows us to clear your consignment through customs from one location here in Sheerness, Kent.

The ports covered by our links are as follows :-

Location Name EPU CODE
(EPU 290)
(EPU 065)
(EPU 150)
(EPU 071)
(EPU 191)
(EPU 033)
Sheerness (EPU 065)

The seven locations listed make up the majority of seafreight customs clearances in the UK and whilst your cargo may not be listed as one of these, it is highly likely that in fact they will be as not only do these locations represent that actual ports, they also cover many other locations in each surrounding area. If you would like confirmation of a particular dock, wharf, shed or location please contact us [email protected]

Once we have prepared your documentation and sent it electronically to customs, at this stage it can take a number of differing ‘Routes’ , these routes denote how fast your goods will clear through the customs red tape, a brief explanation of these are listed below.

Route 1.
This is a full documentation check whereby customs require sight of your original paperwork for a detailed check of the declaration, this can take up to 12 working hours to clear, the time starts from when customs receive your paperwork ( after we present it to them ).

Route 2.
This is a customs examination as well as document check, customs require your original paperwork before they request the container be presented and out-turned for examination.
There is no time limit allocated to this routing as customs are usually reliant on the port service providers to present the container / goods however they do try to keep this examination prompt where possible.

Route 3.
This route sees clearance being given within approximately 10 minutes, customs still require us to present your original paperwork but we have 24 hours to do so. Although it can clear within 10 minutes on the system, certain checks have to be made by ourselves and procedures followed afterwards therefore an average time for these types of clearance is 1 hour.

Route 6.
Instant clearance, again usually within 10 minutes of the declaration being accepted.
Customs do not require presentation of paperwork to the customs house with this routing however we are obliged to keep the original documentation on our files for possible scrutiny at a later date. As with route 3, an average overall time for clearance is approximately one hour.

Should your consignment take one of the routes whereby customs require the original paperwork before clearance is granted, we have a daily courier service to each of the customs sites listed above, customs will be in receipt of your paperwork usually the same day that we prepared the documents.